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DBC News 2014
Club Newsletter: December 2014

Season´s Greetings/ Member & Embassy News / Events

Dear Members,

We welcome you to the last DBC News in the year of 2014. We are excited to release this issue. Not because it is the last of its kind this year, but because of the vast amount of things we want to tell you about. It is time to close down this year and we believe that we did that very well at the Christmas dinner earlier this month. This issue will contain highlights of the past events, give you an idea of what you can expect in the beginning of the brand new 2015, show you news from our partners, as well as few insights to member news. Please also pay attention to the legal alerts in our partner news section. Enjoy reading!

Season´s greetings from the Chairman

This time of year is so very special to me, to the expatriates of Denmark and hopefully, for members like you. It is a time we reflect on the past year, prepare for the upcoming year and appreciate the events and folks that are - and have been - special to us.

While we as representatives of Denmark, Danish businesses and our highly esteemed business ethics and conduct, have faced some difficult times this past year, I am truly optimistic about the Danish Business Club in 2015 and excited about all of us meeting the new challenges and enjoying the opportunities ahead.  Rarely have I been as proud, as I was standing before you at the Christmas dinner in our Ambassador’s residence on December 5. 

A good friend and highly admired businessperson once told me, that we all tend to socialize with people alike ourselves, with similar competences, skillsets and education. However professionally we need diversification in our network, allowing alternative competences and different skillsets to stand stronger in unknown territories and business activities.

2014 has been a tough year for many of our members and 2015 will be even tougher to get through. Personally I have on several occasions used the great minds we have in our community and are planning to do equally so in the coming year.

Standing before such a diverse community, with so many great friends and fellow members, surely made me proud. Proud of being part of such great and old community, with so many and diverse great personalities. Proud of having contributed in growing and bringing us even closer to each other. Seeing so many friends and members not just making the evening another great Christmas dinner, but also wanting to spend the later hours of the evening (and night) away from children and other family, tells me that we are doing something right. 

This is again being confirmed by a growing support from our sponsors, who truly has stood up for DBC in good and difficult times in an ever increasing manor, which again truly makes me proud and happy to be a part of such a great community. I would therefore like to personally thank our sponsors for their great commitment to our business club. Please also see section further below.

Not this Christmas party, nor other previous successful events such as summer party, breakfast with our Ambassador, or the welcome back boat trip, would have been possible without a dedicated and active board. Our monthly board meetings combined with dedicated board members has resulted in an even stronger DBC than ever before.

Therefore, on behalf of the DBC Board, my friends, I wish every one of you and yours the merriest and most blessed Christmas season. May the New Year 2015 bring you every joy and success possible, both professionally and personally.

On behalf of the DBC board, I wish you very warm season´s greetings, 

Kasper Ditlevsen


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015, from the board of DBC:


 Kasper   Ann Charlotte Kristian Helena  Mogens  Ulrik 
Ditlevsen      Norin                     Lyhne       Bollesen        Laursen       Andersen 
Chairman  Vice-Chairman Membership Relations         Events       Moderator       Treasurer 
of the Board    of the Board        Board Member  Board Member  Board Member    Board Member


Upcoming Events 2015

Morning Briefing at the Danish Embassy.

January 28, Thomas Winkler, the Danish Ambassador and Aage V. Nielsen, Deputy Chairman of Council of National Representation of AEB, will give a briefing on the latest development in Russia. Invitations will be sent out in January. Please note there will be a limited number of seats.

General Assembly

March 19, General Assembly. Please save the date. Information about the venue, and exact timing will be sent out early shortly.

Business Update

During Q1, KPMG will host a Business Update focusing on the challenges in the rapidly changing business environment in Russia. Please save the date. More information about content, speakers etc. will be posted as soon as available.

Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

As always you can meet up with your fellow DBC members at Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia on the last Thursday of the month, please come join us - next time will be hosted by our board member Ann Charlotte Norin on Thursday January 29 at 7pm.


Warm thanks to our sponsors!

Without their support, the level of activities would have to be cut by more than half.

With almost a full 12-month period of 2014 gone by, we would like to express warm thanks to DBC’s sponsors. They are an invaluable source of support for the club’s programme of events and other activities. Thus at the time of writing, the contribution from sponsors, amounts to more than half of Danish Business Club’s income for the last year.

We think that this fact confirms that we have been lucky to implement events and other club activities which are meeting the expectations of our sponsors and, in a broader sense, our members. The numbers of participants of this year’s large events tell a story of a club being able to attract a large share of its members and their families. It would not have been possible without support from the sponsors.

From the very beginning of its efforts, the present board has had it as a strategic priority to attract Danish companies of high level as sponsors of DBC. This would help position the sponsor companies among DBC’s members and at the same time demonstrate that DBC is a club of high importance for large, medium as well as small enterprises.

On behalf of the members of Danish Business Club we wish to thank Danfoss, DELACOUR law firm, EKF, Grundfos, Haldor Topsøe, LEGO, Novo Nordisk and Uno Transport for their support and Arla, Faxe and Uhrenholt for their continued food sponsoring.

With best wishes for a merry and peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year we look forward to our continued co-operation on the development of Danish Business Club.

- On behalf of DBC’s Board, Kristian Lyhne


Member News
New and Upcoming Events
On October 28 in Perm, Danfoss together with TGC-9 launched the first large scale project in Russia to optimize the heat supply systems. In 2 years, all 138.000 inhabitants of Zakamsky district will be provided with individual heating units in the buildings, saving significant resources and capacities and cost for the homeowner. Read more here.

New members
We have the pleasure of welcoming some new members to DBC:

Kirsten Foss, Novo Nordisk.
Jonas Kjærgaard Jepsen, Avis.

28/01 - Morning Briefing at the Danish Embassy
29/01 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

26/02 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

19/03 - General Assembly

26/03 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

30/04 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

28/05 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

20/06 - Skt. Hans Celebrations

Partner News
Past Events

News from the Embassy

November 11-14, the Interlight International Trade Fair gathered professional companies from all over the world, including Danish Vita A/S, to showcase their products and strengthen their positions on the Russian market.

Agromek, the biggest agriculture fair in Northern Europe was held in Herning, Denmark, on November 25-28, where Danish-Russian Agro Business Club participated with a delegation from Russia.

Culture News

"To be or not to be", the new Russian book written by Helena Drewes Bollesen, was launched December 3, at the non-fiction book fair in Moscow. The book is about the difference between organic and conventional food production and will hopefully be helpful to the spiring Russian organic movement.

Legal Alert - Personal Data

Legal Alert - From September 01, 2015 Companies Could Be Required to Store Personal Data in Russia

Read more from Awara on this topic here!

Legal Alert - Anti Dumping

Starting next year, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) may impose an anti-dumping duty without waiting for the results of an anti-dumping investigation; in theory, this will prevent potential damage to local producers caused by the import being “dumped”. This legislation is relevant to companies involved in cross-border trade. Read more from KPMG on the matter here!

Coming up

In 2015, it will be 150 years since the birth of Carl Nielsen, one of the greatest, most subtle, Danish composers ever lived. This will be celebrated with a dedicated Carl Nielsen concert on January 18 that will present a variety of his compositions, with the intention of approaching an understanding of the way he thought music into all elements of life. The concert will be held at "Tchaikovsky Concert Hall".

On January 21-25, 2morrow International Filmfestival will be showing the danish groundbreaking documentary “Ai WeiWei The Fake Case”, by Danish filmmaker Andreas Johnsen. The film outlines an intriguing and fearsome e portrait of the Chinese artis and dissident Ai WeiWei. The film festival will take place at Museum Moscow.



05/12 - Christmas Party

On December 5, Thomas Winkler, the Danish Ambassador, could welcome 80 guests to the residency for the annual DBC Christmas Party.

As always, the spirits were high, the food and drink plentiful and the discussions intens.

A special thank you to our event sponsor Danfoss and our special food sponsors: Arla, Faxe and Uhrenholt.

27/11 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

18/11 - Company Visit at LEO Pharma

An interested audience learned about the journey LEO Pharma has taken in Russia and their considerations and key learnings during their rapid expansion.

30/10 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

14/10 - From Kiev to Crimea - an evening  with journalist Simon Kruse.


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