DBC News 2015

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DBC News - Season´s Greetings / Embassy News / Member News / Events

DBC News 2015
Club Newsletter: December 2015

Season´s Greetings/ Member & Embassy News / AGA / Events

Dear Members,

We welcome you to the last DBC News in the year of 2015. We are excited to release this issue. Not because it is the last of its kind this year, but because of the vast amount of things we want to tell you about. It is time to close down this year and we believe that we did that very well at the Christmas dinner earlier this month. This issue will contain highlights of the past events, give you an idea of what you can expect in the beginning of the brand new 2015, show you news from our partners, as well as few insights to member news. Please also pay attention to the legal alerts in our partner news section. Enjoy reading!

Season´s greetings from the Chairman

We are about to bring the year of 2015 to a close. 

A year which indeed has proven to be another interesting year for all of us with interests in Russia. Indeed a challenging business year, an increased level of domestic security, but also a year with historical events like the Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen, first Dane to fly in space as part of the iriss programme. On 2nd of September 2015, Mogensen was launched to ISS and landed successfully ten days later with respectfully Soyuz TMA-18M and Soyuz TMA-16M.

Pressure on DBC member companies

2015 was kicked off with the Eurasian Economic Union agreement coming into effect 1st of January. An economic and political union which has proven to be of great importance to Russia, now that the sanctions and embargo has somewhat isolated Russia from traditional Western trade partners. A union which also has caused ambiguity for many companies trying to comply to a bilateral set of rules and regulations compared to existing WTO agreement. That combined with a big push towards localisation, a rapid changing general legislative environment and a retracting volatile market, created tremendous pressure on Danish companies (and other) to operate in the Russian and neighbouring markets.

Market economy

Having said that, it has also been the year where many experts' predictions were proven wrong. Many experts claimed that the Russian economy would collapse if the oil price went below $100, then $90 and now they are saying $40 while the current oil prices are below $40 compared to above $110 just a year ago. Times are definitely tough, but we do se a lot of positive signs as well. Third quarter showed a positive private net capital inflow for the first time since second quarter 2010. GDP drop expectations for 2015, has recently been improved and several interest rate cuts was introduced by the Central Bank of Russia, although the latest decision is to retrain the current rate, due to a challenging inflation. 

Investments are needed to stimulate economy. Not much attention has been paid to the major personnel changes at the secondary level of the Russian government this year. A large number of governors have been replaced (two are in prison). The President of Russian Railways has been replaced. One could speculate that part of the reason for these changes is recognition of the need to tighten internal discipline before a major infrastructure spending program can be started. In the meantime, the Finance Ministry rules the purse strings and has forced cuts to the extent that only key projects are financed by the state. The main focus appears to be FIFA and World Cup 2018. 


In spite of hearing numbers up to 40% of expatriates have left the country, we have in DBC been relatively blessed by not losing so many members and on the contrary attracted even more members in 2015, primarily due to being less exposed to sanctions and embargo in comparison to peer organisations, as well as our latest initiative of establishing an agricultural committee to a great interest of Danish expatriates in the primary industries. 

We have introduced a few new types of events and adjusted existing traditional events in order to increase the level of member participation, by meeting your needs and covering your interests to an even greater level. The success of our community and its foundation for existence is again being confirmed by a growing support from our sponsors, who truly has stood up for DBC in good and difficult times in an ever increasing manor, which again truly makes me proud and happy to be a part of such a great community. I would therefore like to personally thank our sponsors for their great commitment to our business club. 

Not this Christmas party, nor other previous successful events such as summer party, breakfast with our Ambassador, or the welcome back boat trip, would have been possible without a dedicated and active board. Our monthly board meetings combined with dedicated board members has resulted in an even stronger DBC than ever before.

2016 - Need for engagement and commitment 

The Board of DBC spent a Sunday in December at a strategic seminar with an external facilitator, drafting the strategy for the Danish Business Club going forward. After hours of great discussions, brainstorming and structured planning, the future strategy of DBC was developed and I will present an executive summary at the upcoming Annual General Assembly. 

During the day, it was evident that we have undergone tremendous improvements in the governance of our organisation, but our business club is limited by our existing operating model and the resources in having a board of directors without a management team to execute strategic initiatives and operational aspects of our activities. 40-60% of our Board Members will change in the coming year which is creating an even bigger challenge to sustaining and further improve the level and quality of our activities. 

Let me therefore already now urge all of you to carefully consider to which extent you are able to engage and contribute to our club. In the invitation to our upcoming Annual General Assembly we will announce the vacant board positions, but we are in need of even greater numbers of active member participation, which will be revealed at the assembly. Personally I strongly believe and trust that all of you are interested in ensuring the successful future of DBC through active engagement and commitment and are ready to step up. Should there be any questions to what is required, please do not hesitate in contacting me at chairman@dbc.club 

With these words and on behalf of the DBC Board, dear members, I wish every one of you and yours the merriest and most blessed Christmas season. May the New Year 2016 bring you every joy and success possible, both professionally and personally.

On behalf of the DBC board, I wish you very warm season´s greetings, 

Kasper Ditlevsen


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016, from the board of DBC:


Kasper  Ann Charlotte Kristian   Helena  Mogens   Henrik        Ulrik      
Ditlevsen        Norin                     Lyhne       Bollesen        Laursen    Bendix Dahl    Andersen 
Chairman  Vice-Chairman Membership Relations        Events       Moderator       Treasurer 
of the Board    of the Board        Board Member  Board Member  Board Member Board Member Board Member


Upcoming Events 2016

"Nytårskur" / Briefing at the Danish Embassy

We are currently working on a "Nytårskur" in the beginning of the new year. Here Thomas Winkler, the Danish Ambassador will give a briefing on the latest development in Russia. Invitations will be sent out in January. Please note there will be a limited number of seats. More information to come.

New Year Reception 2016 - Wirtschaftsclub Russland - January 26, 2016.

The WCR e.V. (WirtschaftsclubRussland), together with our Partner Clubs, the Danish business Club Russia(DBC), the Italian Business Club Russia (ITAM), the Russian Business club “DelovoePartnerstvo” and our friends from Skolkovo we would like to invite you to our NEW YEARS RECEPTION 2016 – Closing the distance.

DBC Members are invited to join, invitation to come.

General Assembly

March 15, General Assembly. Please save the date. Information about the venue, and exact timing will be sent out shortly.

Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

As always you can meet up with your fellow DBC members at Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia on the last Thursday of the month, please come join us - next time will be on Thursday January 28 at 7pm.


Warm thanks to our sponsors!


Member News
New and Upcoming Events

EKF Farewell
As off December 31, 2015, EKF is closing down their Moscow-office and will from 2016 continue their work with Russia from Denmark. 


Allan Gamborg, Digital Soviet Art invites to the exhibition - New Year (Christmas) and Winter Holidays from December 17 to February 7 (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays), at Sergey Andriyaka´s Watercolor and Fine Arts Academy, ulitsa Akademika Vargi 15, Moscow.

The works date from the 1930s to the 1980s, and may be characterized as socialist realism to a certain degree. The drawings, paintings, posters, post cards and book illustrations, as well as the porcelain figures document an era long gone, a time before computers, a time with simple and unpretentious children’s games. Boys played ice hockey in the back yard, girls were busy with figure skating – and both boys and girl went on the sledge downhill. The hockey players, the figure skaters, the cross country and downhill skiers, the ski jumpers – they all come alive. www.aaii.ru

New members
We have the pleasure of welcoming some new members to DBC:

Maria Pontoppidan, MGU.
Anna Smirnova, Vilomix Russia.
Mogens Petersen, Global Ports Int.                  

26/01 - New Year Reception 2016 - Wirtschaftsclub Russland

28/01 - DBC Agriculture Networking Group meeting
28/01 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia together with the DBC Agriculture Networking Group.                     

25/02 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia
15/03 - DBC General Assembly

31/03 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

28/04 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

26/05 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

30/06 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia





Partner News
Past Events

News from the Embassy

In November, the Danish Ambassador to Russia, Thomas Winkler, lead a trip to Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, where several Danish companies within the Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings sector. 

In the beginning of December a Danish Business delegation headed by Peter Mygind Rasmussen, Head of Trade Council Russia, visited Astana in Kazakhstan together with some Danish companies within aviation and airport operation.


Prince Henrik´s Medal of Honour 


At DBC´s Christmas Party, the Danish Ambassador to Russia, Thomas Winkler, could present the Danish Export Association and His Royal Highness Prince Henrik´s Medal of Honour to Mr. Erik Konggård-Andersen from VIKING Life-Saving Equipment. The medal was given in recognition of Mr. Konggård-Andersens outstanding efforts towards improving the trade relations between Denmark and Russia.


Culture News

In late November the Danish Embassy in Moscow hosted a seminar with the well renowed Danish writer and publicist Carsten Jensen. Mr. Jensen´s books have been published in more than twenty countries and this year his book "We, the drowned" were published in Russia. The seminar was a big success and was very well visited by Russian translators, Danish news media and people from the creative environment in Moscow. 




04/12 - Christmas Party

On December 4, Thomas Winkler, the Danish Ambassador, could welcome 80 guests to the residency for the annual DBC Christmas Party.

As always, the spirits were high, the food and drink plentiful and the discussions intens.

The singing enhanced the mood and the "risalamande" perfected the evening.

A special thank you to our event sponsor Danfoss and our special food sponsors: Arla, Faxe and Espersen.

26/11 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia with farewell reception for EKF in Moscow.

29/10 - Stamborg at Restaurant Scandinavia with networking with PIL30 from Denmark.

08/10 - DBC Agribusiness Networking Group initial meeting


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DBC News - What´s Up?/ Member News / New Members / Embassy News / Events

DBC News 2015
Club Newsletter: October 2015

What´s Up? / Member News / Embassy News / Events

Dear Members,

As we are approaching the last quarter of 2015, we would like to give you, our dearest members, a bit of an update of our activities, insights to one of our new initiatives, and thus we would like to welcome you to the October DBC News. 

The world’s biggest country, Russia has one of the globe’s largest areas of arable land (120 mln hectares). Agriculture accounts for 4% of GDP (vs. 1.3% in the US and 10% in China). Per capita consumer spending, food and non-alcoholic drinks constitute a sizeable 31% of total per capita consumer expenditure, almost three times higher than in the EU or among OECD countries. Agriculture is one of the few growth sectors. 

All these statements are from some of the headlines, dominating the media landscape recently. 

Denmark is among the global leaders, when it comes to creating news standards of quality and efficiency in agriculture. This is showcased through the entire value chain from farm to fork. The Danish agriculture brand is highly recognised around the world and thus we could not be more happy to see the great turnout and interest for our first agricultural committee meeting, in fact our first committee ever. Read more below. 

Again this year we had a very successful Welcome Back Boat Trip, with an even great turnout than previous year. Weather God's were in a worse mood this year, but all in all the yacht facilities, provided shelter and framed a good and fun afternoon and evening. 

The planned activities for DBC in the remainder of the fourth quarter of 2015 is looking busier than ever, see more below. 

Enjoy the reading! Yours truly - DBC Board  

Welcome Back Boat Trip

On behalf of the Board of Danish Business Club, we would like to thank all the participants of the Annual Boat Trip held on September 5 2015. Even though the weather wasn't as good as last year, the rumors about this fantastic trip has reached the member community and this year 68 happy guests joined us for the boat trip. The combination of a very nice boat, good food and vigorous participants, once again made it something to remember.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our sponsors for their commitment and involvement.

What´s Up?

Initial meeting in the DBC Agribusiness Networking Group

On October 8, DBC had its first meeting in the Agribusiness Networking Group. The meeting was held at Danish Industry who were also sponsoring refreshments. 

The group consists of 20 members who either work directly with farming or are subcontractors to the industry. 10 members were present and had a couple of hours of rewarding sharing of experiences. 

It was decided to have two annual meetings in the group, each in connection with major agricultural fairs. The group will also arrange visits to member farms, starting with a visit to Idavang, near Skt. Petersburg.

If you work within this industry and are willing to share some of your experiences, please contact Chairman of Agribusiness Networking Group Helena Bollesen for further information. 

Furniture Auction at the Royal Danish Embassy.

On Friday, October 23, at 10:00, the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow will auction off some of their surplus furniture including high quality Danish design furniture and a few pieces of IKEA furniture. Read more here.

Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

We continue to invite our members and their guest to our informal networking event "Stambord" at Restaurant Scandinavia, the last Thursday of the month all year. 

Next Stambord will be on October 29 when we will be joined by a networking group (who is visiting Moscow on a study trip) from "Danish Center for Leadership" with members participating in the strategic leadership program PIL30.

For the November 26 Stambord, EKF will be hosting a farewell reception so please mark your calendar already now!

November/ December activities

We are working on finalising the program for November and December, but we can already now tell you that we   expect the annual Christmas Lunch for members, spouses and guests to be on Friday December 4,  so please mark the date.

All of these activities are only possible due to the continued support from our sponsors as well as the promptly payment of the membership fees from the members. We thank you for your commitment.



Member News
New and Upcoming Events
EKF in Russia
The sanctions against Russia and the economic crisis in Ukraine has during the last 12 months made it increasingly difficult for EKF to make business in the region. The Executive Board of Directors in EKF has therefore decided to terminate the financial advisory office at the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow as per December 31, 2015. EKF continues its operations in Russia & CIS from Copenhagen and if you or your clients are in need of financing transactions, please do not hesitate to contact EKF in Copenhagen or Jorgen Bollesen directly. 
New members
We have the pleasure of welcoming some new members to DBC:

Ole Boesgaard - NeoFarm 
Jens Langelund Rasmussen - Fog Agroteknik
29/10 - Stambord with visit from PIL30 at Restaurant                 Scandinavia

26/11 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

04/12 - Christmas Lunch 

On Friday December 4, Thomas Winkler, Danish Ambassador to Russia and Belarus, will host DBC´s traditional Christmas Lunch at the residency.
Partner News
Past Events

Embassy News

Looking back

Late September, Thomas Winkler, the Danish Ambassador to Russia and Belarus, lead a Danish Business delegation to Minsk, Belarus for a 3 day visit. The 22 Danish companies participating had the oppor-tunity to meet with representatives for their respective sector as well as meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Vladimir Makei. 

On October 6, Tretyakov State Gallery opened their doors for a new exhibition of the world-famous painter Valentin Serov. Included in the exhibition is a painting of Emperor Alexander III wearing a Danish uniform. The painting is showcased in Moscow for the first time and is normally found at the Royal Life Guards Officers´mess.

27/8 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

05/09 - Welcome Back boat trip

17/09 - An Evening with Hempel

Peter de Groot, GM at Hempel Russia, introduced 26 participating members to the history of Hempel globally and in Russia as well as the considerations and challenges regarding their recent finalised factory in Ulyanovsk. 

24/9 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

08/10 Initial meeting in the DBC Agribusiness          Networking Group. 
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DBC News - Midsummer Party / Member News / New Members / Embassy News / Events

DBC News 2015
Club Newsletter: July 2015

Skt Hans Party / Member News / Embassy News / Events

Dear Members,

We are now half way through 2015 with a good mix of newly appointed and existing board members. A year which is offering a lot of challenges for the business environment, our members and business partners. We have seen a few members moving on, but we have also welcomed a few new members. 

In the Danish Business Club in Moscow we are half way through 2015 with a good mix of newly appointed and existing board members. A year which is offering a lot of challenges for the business environment, our members and business partners. We have seen a few members moving on, but we have also welcomed a few new members. 

In spite of difficult times and another day terrorized by bad weather, we also managed to have a successful and great Midsummer party with a good turn up among members and guests again this year. Company visits has been very popular and have proven to be insightful and usefull for a wide range of members. The financial state of our club is strong and well supported by both general and event sponsorships and the board feel comfortable facing planned activities for the second half of the year.

Looking ahead, we are planning a full calendar of both social and business events in the autumn, starting with a Welcome Back boat trip, which I am sure those of you who participated last year remember. 

Second half of 2015 will also be the time where we will introduce the first committee of DBC, an Agricultural committee, which are described more in detail by Helena Bollesen here below. We have drafted committee guidelines which we will share with you soon. Any member who might have a wish or idea to establish a committee, either sector- or topic specific, are more than welcome to contact me for further insights to how it works. 

During the summer break we will continue with Stambord on the last Thursday of every month at restaurant Scandinavia at 7pm.

With best regards and warmest wishes of nice summer,

Kasper Ditlevsen, on behalf of the board of DBC.


Midsummer Party

On behalf of the Board of Danish Business Club, we would like to thank all the participants of the Midsummer Party held on June 20 2015, in "The Apple Garden", at Lata Trek. Despite the heavy rainfall - again!, 70 adults and 23 kids managed to find the midsummer spirit and join us for the traditional midsummer celebration - classic Danish style - good food, drinks and fantastic company.

We could also say "Thank you for your services" to Ljubov Avila, DBC´s Secretary, who due to her recent marriage is now moving to Germany. Good luck and you will be missed.

A special thank you goes out to Lotte Buchbjerg from the Danish Women Club, for arranging the children activities and to LEGO for providing hours of entertainment, ensuring both kids and adults an enjoyable evening.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the sponsors - Novo Nordisk, Arla and Faxe  - and this years bon fire speaker - Aage V. Nielsen from Vitus Bering Management - for their commitment and involvement. Without the support from these companies and individuals, we would not be able to conduct such an event.

Fall Season

Reserve these dates!


We have already started the planning of the fall season and we look forward to inviting you to an interesting and engaging program. But remember, our Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia on the last Thursday of the monthcontinues all the year, including the summer period. So if you are in town, please come join us. 

Next Stambord is on July 30 and we hope to see you there.

Boat Trip


This year, we are repeating the success from last year, welcoming our members back from the summer holidays with a DBC Boat Trip on Saturday, September 5. We will enjoy good food, fantastic company and hopefully beautiful weather when Moscow is at it´s best. We have chosen to have the event on a Saturday to make it possible also for our members outside of Moscow to attend, and we hope to see you all. You will receive the invitation in proper time, but please save the date already now.


Meeting Hempel

On September 17, we will meet Peter de Groot, GM at Hempel, who will tell us about Hempel and their operations in Russia. Invitations will be sent out later but reserve the time already now.


New networking group in Agrobusiness

As we can see mutual challenges for Danish companies within the agrobusiness in Denmark and Russia,  DBC have initiated a networking group where we can meet and and discuss the issues we have in common. The model is the classic Danish "Erfa-gruppe" and the forum should not in any way be commercial.

The group will meet twice a year in Moscow at the same time as major agricultural exhibitions to reduce unnecessary travelling. The first meeting will take place on October 8.

If you work within this industry and are willing to share some of your experiences, please contact Helena Bollesen for further information. 


November / December

We are working on finalising the program for November and December, but we can already now tell you that we   expect the annual Christmas Lunch for members, spouses and guests to be on Friday December 4,  so please mark the date.

All of these activities are only possible due to the continued support from our sponsors as well as the promptly payment of the membership fees from the members. We thank you for your commitment.



Member News
New and Upcoming Events
Hempel, localising production
In May, 2015, just 16 months after the official start of the construction of Hempel´s first factory in Russia, the production building and offices are completed and installation of the production equipment is well underway. Hemel´s new factory in Ulyanovsk will increase their ability to serve their customers and meet the growing demand. Read more here.


New members
We have the pleasure of welcoming a new member to DBC:

Anders Kjeldsen, Global Ports

30/7 - Stambord

27/8 - Stambord

5/9 - Welcome Back boat trip

On Saturday September 5, DBC will host a Welcome Back Boat trip for our members with spouses (no kids).

17/9 - Meeting Hempel

24/9 - Stambord

8/10 - Agriculture Network Meeting

29/10 - Stambord

26/11 - Stambord

4/12 - Christmas Lunch

Partner News
Past Events

Embassy News

Looking back

June 1-3, the Embassy of Denmark in Russia, visited Ufa in Bashkortostan together with a delegation of Danish companies. An extended programme was arranged for Oil & Gas companies with a visit to a refinery near Moscow. 

On June 18-20, SPIEF (the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg) was visited by representatives from the whole world. This year´s slogan "Time to Act: Shared Paths to Stability and Growth" introduced by President Vladimir Putin was as important as ever. 

Global Industry Team

Summer is the time for the annual meetings for all Global Industry Teams in Denmark. During 2-3 days seminar all the global advisors in each sector get together to discuss Global Public Affairs, value creation and share experiences from all over the globe. Companies also have the possibility to meet all the advisors to talk about opportunities in the different foreign markets.

International Exhibition at the State Theatre Museum “Costume at the Turn of the century 1990-2015”. The works of three Danish artists are participating in the project: Lise Klitten, Mona Moller Schmidt and Marie Dali. The exhibition will open on June 29.

An exhibition of traditional Danish lace at the Vologda Museum. The exhibition will open on July 30. 

30/4 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

28/5 - Stambord at Restaurant Scandinavia

20/6 - Stk. Hans Celebration
Despite the pouring rain the bon fire was lit and the summer welcomed.

24/6 - Company visit at Novo Nordisk

Henrik Bendix Dahl, GM at Novo Nordisk Russia welcomed DBC´s members and talked about how Novo Nordisk is addressing the burden of diabetes in russia and their experiences regarding localisation.
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