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DBC News 2016
Club Newsletter: December 2016

Club News / Partner News / Members / Events

Dear Members,

We welcome you to the DBC News for the Winter of 2016. This issue will contain highlights of the past events, show you news from you members, our partners, as well as a few insights to upcoming and planned activities. Enjoy the reading!

The Chairman's Corner

Dear members,

This newsletter will be the last DBC News in 2016 and brings a challenging year to its end.

We will however still have one of the biggest events of the year, which is naturally the annual Christmas dinner at the Ambassadors residence.

The events was already sold out Friday and is as popular as ever. 2016 has been a challenging year for many, DBC has seen longstanding members leaving Russia and our club, in order to pursue challenges in less volatile markets. Having said that, we have also seen a great number of new members, entering Russia in order to pursue the opportunities, difficult times also brings along. All in all, we have in fact seen a positive development in number of members in the current year.

Personally this has also been a challenging year, as I have said goodbye to many good friends, seen prominent companies struggling, changed my job, struggled a bit with changing procedures in obtaining work permit etc. That aside I have also been blessed with new friends and an ever increasing and diverse network, strengthened my agility in adaptation to the new market reality.

DBC have in my opinion, in spite of challenging times, managed to bring another year to a successful ending. Our level of activities was possibly a bit on the slow side in the beginning of the year, due to personal difficult times for a few board members, but we have definitely managed to bring the second half of 2016 up to a very decent level in both quantity and quality of activities.

This year we had another great midsummer party with the traditional showers from above, great level of participation and now also including a live band, ensuring activation of the participants, for better and worse. I was incapable of participating in our welcome back boat trip, but heard many good words hereof. Besides many successful company visits, an interesting evening with our new Danish foreign minister and business man Lars Seier Christensen, I personally also liked our visit to the Victory Art Brew micro brewery, where we saw a successful entrepreneurial Russian company, defying the challenging market economy, declining consumer spend and shrinking beer market, by selling all the beer they could produce. Many more events and activities could be mentioned, but I will save that for the upcoming general assembly. 2017 will be yet another interesting year, where we already have planned events in our pipeline, as you can read further down in the newsletter.

With these words, I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2017.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you on the 9th of December as wish all of you and your families a good rest and healthy prosperous coming year.

Best regards, 

Kasper Ditlevsen



Danish Business Club in Moscow on LinkedIn

Please note that access to LinkedIn in Russia has been restricted. 

DBC's LinkedIn group will until further notice not be updated. 

We will return with information though this newsletter when the group has been reactivated.

Selected upcoming events

Company visit: 

We are planning for a company visit by mid February 2017. Details can not be reveiled yet though.


Warm thanks to our sponsors!


Member News
New and Upcoming Events
New members welcome

Since the last newsletter, we have had the pleasure of welcoming the following members:

Company menberships:

  • SGL Road ApS
Claus Plath
Per Rasmussen
Thomas Gill
Peter Landbo

Induvial memberships:

  • Nikolaj Krogh-Jensen, Svenska skolan i Moskva
  • Henrik Trans, Novo Nordisk
  • Carsten Skov Board member of Danish Belarusian Business Association (Jan 2017)


We have no individual or corporate members leaving our club this year. 

Current event pipeline:

09.12 Biannual meeting in the Agricultural Group
09.12 Christmas Lunch at the Ambassadors residence
26.01 Stambord Scandinavia
xx.02 Company visit
23.02 Stambord Scandinavia

Partner News
Past Events

  News from the Embassy


Energy efficiency

On 31 October A delegation with the Danish Ambassador, Thomas Winkler, and a company delegation from the Danish Board of District Heating (DBDH) was welcomed by the Governor of Karaganda Region. The regional administration is aware of the innovative Danish technologies within energy saving and energy efficiency and looking forward for constructive talk on mutually beneficial solutions and projects.


Changes opens new potentials in ARGO

In the middle of November 5 Danish companies were in Novosibirsk for visiting the expanding poultry production. During the last two years 460 bill. RUB(49 bill DKK) of Federal investments have been targeted to reach increased self-sufficiency in the food production. This has created a demand for technology and know-how, which Danish companies possess. During 4 days in Novosibirsk the delegation met with the Minister of Agriculture, who afterwards showed the delegation around at the AgroSib Expo. Finally the delegation visited the 5 biggest poultry farms in the area to get insight into the present state of production and future needs.


General presentation by the Honorary Consul of Denmark

At the 6th of October the recently appointed Honorary Consul of Denmark in Bishek Mr. Adilet Abdybekov spoke about the recent energy efficiency initiatives taking place right now in Kyrgyzstan. This is creating business opportunities for Danish energy companies and the Trade Council expects future developments in both this region and sector.


Alt Rejser presentation

Our new corporate member Alt Rejser gave a presentation of their company at our last Stambord.

Originating from being an Aeroflot company, Alt Rejser has now independently been dedicated to serve their clients for more than 30 years.

The owner Alexander and his son Sergey gave an overview of their services, relevant to fellow members and enjoyed a social networking following the presentation.

A score of DBC members enjoyed visiting Grundfos in Istra

On 10 November, about twenty DBC members braved the Russian winter and went to visit Danish Grundfos’ modern and well-designed factory in Istra about an hour’s drive from Moscow center (www.grundfos.ru). There they enjoyed the hospitality and professionalism of Victor Dementiev, AGM of Grundfos Sales Company and Galina Biryukova, GM of Grundfos Production Company in Russia well supported by their personal assistance Marina Rabinskaya and Olga Emelyanova, their PR responsible.

Victor and Galina gave a very instructive and interesting introduction to their organization and production, an integrated part of Grundfos’ international business, and the DBC visitors were introduced to Grundfos’ customer philosophy considering their customers as an integrated part of the Grundfos business. As Victor says: “Under current economic situation the key success factor for us is to utilize synergy between our sales and production companies with strong focus on customer centricity

A walk-through of the factory was concluded by a business presentation, Q&A session and a delicious buffet supper.

It was a very successful and pleasant visit with most happy participants who were back in Moscow only around midnight. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Victor and his team for exceeding our expectations and presenting the high level of excellence for which Grundfos is so well-known.

Stambord with Sergey Popov from ICT Logistic

At the Stambord in October around 15 members found the way to Restaurant Scandinavia, where we had the pleasure of Sergey Popov from ICT Logistic, giving a presentation about how to work for and with Danes, seen from a Russian’s perspective. Sergey elaborated in particular about the Danish management style and how it differs from Russian management style. The presentation was complemented with great and humorous practical stories, which brought the presentation to live. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session and round table discussion, which gave a lot of pointers to the members on which areas to look out for, as well as a greater understanding of why and how cultural implications can occur.

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DBC News - Club News / Partner News / AGA / Members / Events

DBC News 2016
Club Newsletter: October 2016

Club News / Partner News / Members / Events

Dear Members,

We welcome you to the DBC News for the autumn of 2016. This issue will contain highlights of the past events, show you news from you members, our partners, as well as a few insights to upcoming and planned activities. Enjoy the reading!

A few words from the Chairman

Back to work

Hoping you all had a great summer break, we are now back to business and was celebrating this with the Welcome Back Boat trip in early September. This year I was unfortunately not able to make it, but heard that those who made it, had a great trip (see more below). 

Personally I have been away for a summer break and some busy weeks of business travel around Western Europe. Since September, I have been back in Moscow and are excited to give my contribution in further positive development of business in Russia. In spite of not seeing growth in the economy of Russia, we have however seen some positive results of slowing down the decline in GDP versus last year. Most peers I am meeting on my way, are foreseeing a moderate growth in the coming years, but subject to oil pricing and political implications, we are expecting some positive development going forward, however not to the boom years we have seen earlier. 

We are in the middle of a busy autumn for the business club and have already hosted a few event since the summer break and more are to be presented in the remainder of the year 2016. 

For those of you who are not aware, we do have a page on LinkedIn, which can be found by following this link. This forum is mainly a discussion forum, where ideas and opinions can be shared and discussed. The forum is not restricted to DBC members, but is under the administration of the board of DBC. 

I am very happy to see new ideas, energy and commitment and would like you to help us in an ever developing business club going forward.

Enjoy the further reading of DBC News and never hesitate in reaching out to me.

Best regards, 

Kasper Ditlevsen



Danish Business Club in Moscow on LinkedIn

Dear members,

For years we have been present on LinkedIn, where both members and other interested parties are sharing information, news and using the group as a discussion forum.

In this context we encourage you to visit and join our LinkedIn group by visiting this link

Selected upcoming events

Stambord with a theme: 

The next Stambord the theme will be ”How to work with and for Danes”. 

Sergey Popov from ICT Logistic have for decades worked with and for Danes. He will give his view on how ”The Danish way of management” looks from the perspective of a Russian. There will be discussion after the presentation. 

Meeting in the Agricultural Committee 

The members of the DBC Agro-committee will have their bi-annual meeting the 3rd of November, at the Danish Embassy. There will be a presentation from Anton Zur from Sberbank. He will give an update on how Sberbank look at the current situation in the agro-industry as well as the nearest future outlook.


Warm thanks to our sponsors!


Member News
New and Upcoming Events

New members welcome

Since January 2016, we have had the pleasure of welcoming the following members in addition to already announced:

  • Nikolay Egramin LLC
  • Julia Lyapina DSV 
  • Anders Juhl Mortensen Farm Inspection 
  • Taissia Mortensen Farm Inspection 
  • Tatiana Ponomareva LLC Skiold
  • Niels Westerbye Juhl ZAO L’Oreal Russia 


We have no individual or corporate members leaving our club this year 2016. 

Current event pipeline:

27.10 Stambord at Scandinavia
03.11 Networking Agro group Embassy
10.11 Company presentation by Grundfoss Grundfos
24.11 Stambord Scandinavia
09.12 Christmas Lunch Ambassadors residense

Partner News
Past Events

  News from the Embassy

Danish Delegation to the Far East Regions of Russia

Last week the Ambassador of Denmark, Thomas Winkler, headed a delegation of leading Danish companies to the Far East regions of Russia within the sectors of energy, agriculture, healthcare and transport. Meetings were held with the companies and authorities of Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Kamchatka.

Development of the area is a key priority for the Russian Government with huge potential for business development. 

The Trade Council in Russia will continue its focus and export efforts in the Far East by linking Danish companies with relevant Russian organizations.

Market visit for the Russian Health Care sector

Right now The Trade Council of Russia is promoting a marked visit to show opportunities within the Russian Health Care sector from 6th to 9th of December. 

This includes visit to The Zdravookhraneniye Health Care with more than 1,000 exhibiting companies and more than 23.000 visitors. 

Furthermore, there will be introduction to the market with our sector experts, meetings with potential partners and customers and reception at the embassy.

See the full program in our activity plan or contact Head of the Healthcare sector advisory team Svetlana Chernova at sveche@um.dk for questions.



Visit to Victory Art Brewery

A bus full of members joined a great day of beer knowledge and networking with DBC and Victory Art Brewery. The brewery is one of Russians leading micro breweries that has taken part in the so called "beer revolution" which has been underway for many years in the USA and Europe but has only recently come to Russia. The tour gave the opportunity in seeing a thriving young Russian business growing and trying to meet the increasing demand for special beers. 

Welcome Back Boat Trip

A new beginning and a return to Moscow inauguration of the year to come. A day very much In line with traditions and very much appreciated.

Well above 60 of DBC members, spouses and friends of DBC enjoyed a lovely evening on Moscow River for socializing, talking, wining and dining. Speeches were give, and words like “beautiful Russian women” were heard, toasts were offered and laughs as well as egger talking were noticed. In short we stayed with the tradition including a bar visits afterwards attended mostly by the young and the braver though.

Welcome back and looking forward to many more interesting meetings and events during the 2016-17 season


A very successful meeting with Chris Weafer                 - edited: Kristian Lyhne

On 14 September at 7 PM in the Danish Embassy Moscow, 42 DBC members came to listen to Chris Weafer’s description of the present crisis, its effect on the Russian business climate and economy supplemented by some predictions on the likely economic direction in nearest future. 

The headline of Chris Weafer’s presentation was “How is the Crisis Changing Russia?” with focus on the challenges and opportunities for investors. 

An observation is that import substitution has appeared to be the most important policy for the government and that the key industries are: Agriculture including farming projects, equipment and services; Food; Pharmaceuticals; Auto Parts; Machinery and Machinery Parts; Defence Industry Equipment; Oil Field Services, etc. 

As usual, Chris Weafer covered very well the topics about today and the future, all very relevant to the audience. In his own words he – cut through the noise to identify the real risks, whether political, economic or business related, and the real opportunities. 

Thanks a lot to Chris Weafer for his two hours of helping us understand the development, thanks a lot to ambassador Thomas Winkler and his staff for hosting this DBC event and finally thanks to 42 DBC members for showing their interest in this important event. 

Please find the presentation from the event by following this link 

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DBC News - Club News / Partner News / AGA / Members / Events

DBC News 2016
Club Newsletter: June 2016

Club News / Partner News / AGA / Members / Events

Dear Members,

We welcome you to the DBC News for the summer of 2016. This issue will contain highlights of the past events, show you news from you members, our partners, as well as a few insights to upcoming and planned activities. Enjoy the reading!

A few words from the Chairman


In spite of the difficult and challenging times, a winter with expatriates disappearing in large numbers, we are happy to announce that DBC are showing a great level of resilience and in fact growing the number of members in the first half of 2016. More details can be found below. On March 15 we held the annual general assembly, where record results were presented and approved. New initiatives on greater involvement of you members were presented, encouraged and approved. These initiatives meant establishment of new working groups, adding additional resources for the different activities of DBC. We have now established two working groups, one for social and cultural events and one group for business events (read more below). 

As not all members were present during the annual general assembly, I would like to encourage everyone again, to volunteer and explore the different ways you are able to contribute to our club through new established working groups and hopefully more looking forward. We are currently missing members for a working group, taking care of the club's marketing activities and could use additional hands and minds in the two aforementioned event groups.

- Please contact me for further clarification chairman@dbc.club 

Looking out the window, summer is not quite here, but we are expecting the weather Gods to bless us with good weather for the historically great Midsummer Party / Skt. Hans on June 18. This year we will have live music and hopefully a massive turnout by you, colleagues, friends and family, helping us to light the bonfire and celebrate an ancient Danish tradition. See more details and register for the event here!

Unfortunately for the Danish community and DBC, we are this summer going wish Henrik Bendix Dahl and family a farewell. Henrik and the family are moving to KL in Malaysia, which naturally is great for the family, but a loss for the board and DBC. Henrik has been a great asset for our board and our club and I would like to thank Henrik for his great contribution and wish Henrik and family the best wishes for the new ventures.  

That being said, I delighted to welcome additional members in their new DBC capacity. At the annual general assembly we elected new board members, an alternate board member and a new auditor:

  • Henrik Dueholm, vice-chairman (working for Haldor Topsøe)
  • Alex Jensen, member of the board (working for Ghelamco)
  • Aage V. Nielsen, alternate board member (working for Vitus Bering Management)
  • Christian Riegels Hjort, auditor (working for Berendsen)

I am very happy to see new ideas, energy and commitment and would like you to help me in welcoming the new and old faces in their new capacity of the Danish Business Club during our upcoming activities. 

Enjoy the further reading of DBC News and never hesitate in reaching out to me.

Best regards, 

Kasper Ditlevsen


Farewell from a board member leaving Russia:

Dear all, After 2½ years in Russia it is time for my family and I to move on. In the middle of June we are leaving to Malaysia where I will take up a position for Novo Nordisk in Southeast Asia. The most difficult thing about moving to a new country is that you are leaving so many good people behind. It has been a true pleasure being a member of the Danish Business Club, and I would like to thank all of you for your friendship and great times together. It has also been a privilege to be a member of the Board of Directors of DBC, and I thank all of you for giving me this opportunity. I hope to stay in touch with many of you and wish you all the best in future. 

Best regards 

Henrik Bendix Dahl

Member movements, working group and past events 2016

Crisis? – not in DBC’s membership!

The good news here at Danish Business Club Moscow is that the Club’s membership seems to go clear of influence from the economic crisis in Russia. That is at least what may be the conclusion after looking into the count of new members during the last one and a half years. There is no sign of a recession!

During the period of time mentioned (2015-16) our Club had 15 new individual members representing 24% of the total individual membership of 63. The female share of the new members, though, was a mere 27% - a fact that the club may have to act upon since being Danish, many of us subscribe to equality between the two sexes.

Also, the count of new corporate members is positive though at a lower level.

DBC had four new corporate members representing 6% of the total corporate membership of 63. The above means that half of the Club’s members are corporate and the other half are individual. The total number of memberships are 133 which include seven members from, respectively, the embassy, honorary and administrative categories.

On behalf of the Club, the Board wishes to welcome all our new colleagues as members of Danish Business Club Moscow. We hope that you will be active members in the true sense of the word, because there is a strong need for support to keeping the activity level as high as wanted.

New working group for Business Events

The elected board is the Club’s management and as such responsible for all events and other activities. The board counts five to seven members all of them professionals with engagements at management level elsewhere. It means that the board has little time for operational and administrative input to the Club, and the Club has no operational or administrative resources except for a most committed and qualified part-time secretary. Therefore, dear members please consider if and how you can support your Danish Business Club Moscow and, in the affirmative, get in touch with our secretary Nadja (Nadezhda Petukhova) at secretary@dbc.club

DBC’s board has decided to establish a new Business Event Working Group, initially with the following group members: Irina Gorelova, Thomas Jarnum and Kristian Lyhne (Group Chairman). The group’s kick-off meeting took place on 17 May 2016 with the aim of discussing the purpose and ideas for events to be initiated by the group.

The objective of the group is to meet, first of all, the requirements of DBC’s purpose, quote:

  • To facilitate business networking and opportunities for Danish businesses and business people working for Danish companies with an interest in the Russian market;
  • To set up task groups related to specific topics;
  • To arrange for a calendar of DBC events including presentations of member companies and talks on topics of current relevance to the members. At the group’s kick-off meeting a number of ideas for its activities were discussed.

The work group is open to initiatives, ideas and proposals from any of our members and we hope for active support including resources from the membership in order to make this initiative as relevant as possible to DBC’s members.

The number of work group members is only three so far. Therefore, we hope that some of you, our members, will support us actively by offering help both regarding specific initiatives and ideas to improving the more general direction of the work.

If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kristian by sending a message to the following address: Kristian.Lyhne@mail.tele.dk


Warm thanks to our sponsors!


Member News
New and Upcoming Events

New members

We have the pleasure of welcoming new members to the Danish Business Club:

Corporate - Danish Farm Consept (Olga Kostina) 

Individuals - Irina Enemark and Anna Smirnova.


We have no individual or corporate members leaving our club this year 2016. 

Our current event pipeline:

Sct. Hans / Midsummer party at Apple Garden

30.06 Stambord Scandinavia
28.07 Stambord Scandinavia
25.08 Stambord Scandinavia
03.09 Welcome Back Boattrip
29.09 Stambord Scandinavia  
29.10 Stambord Scandinavia
26.11 Stambord Scandinavia
03.12 Christmas Lunch at the Embassy

Other events:
A long standing member, Allan Gamborg, is happy to invite you the opening of the art show celebrating the 100 years of the birth of Mikhail Grigorevich Rojter (1916-1993)
The opening takes place June 2, at 18.30, in partnership with the “Gallery on the Chistye Prudy” (Галерее на Чистых прудах). The art exhibition will show works from the collections of Svetlana Pimenova, Valery Novikov, and Allan Gamborg

Address: Chistoprudny Bulvar 5 (entrance from Gusyatnikov pereulok – the business centre) - nearest metro Chistye Prudy.
The exhibition is open until June 24.

See examples of Mikhail Rojter’s art here 

Partner News
Past Events

  News from the Embassy

Machinery & Technology interest group 

The Machinery & Technology (M&T) interest group is a new, free, initiative, established by The Trade Council Russia. 

The interest group gives you and your company a greater possibility to be informed about our upcoming activities. By subscribing to the M&T interest group, you will receive our activity plan, invitations to exhibitions and formal and informal meetings in both Russia and Denmark. 

For further updates and news, please follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eksportr-det-rusland-the-trade-council-of-denmark-russia

Airport Alliance to Kyrgyzstan 

Following up on previous successes in Russia, the Trade Council Russia is taking the Airport Alliance to Kyrgyzstan. 

The Kyrgyz government are modernising their transport infrastructure and the primary focus is on the airport industry. 

With the assistance of foreign knowledge, Kyrgyzstan intends to import the most recent technology as well as management know-how to improve the airport industry. 

Join the Trade Council Russia’s Airport Alliance and get access to top decision makers, business partners and a low-cost entry investment to the market! 

Do you want to take part in this initiative, please contact Marina Piotrovskaya at marpio@um.dk


Annual General Assembly

On March 15 we had the annual general assembly, where all books, accounts, reports and initiatives were approved. We also welcomed the following new board members:

- Henrik Dueholm from Haldor Topsøe

- Alex Jensen from Ghelamco

Read more on our website: www.dbc.club

World Cup - Icehockey 

Saturday, the 7th of May, 16 Danish Business Club members and guests went to the Danish national ice hockey team’s opening game to support the Danish side against the rivals from Norway. 

After a nerve-racking first period with a lot of chances to both sides, the Danes took a commanding lead in the second period by scoring two times. The third period was won by the Danes by a late empty net goal. 

The result of the opening match of the tournament ended with a great result as the Danish team won 3-0 in an exciting game that laid the foundation for one of the best results of a World Championships for Denmark by achieving an 8th place at the end. 

Next big event for the Danish national team is the Olympic qualification tournament for the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea in 2018. The tournament will take place in Minsk, Belarus, in September 2016 in which, if they win, the Danish team can qualify to its first ever Olympic Games. 

- Alex Jensen

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Reminder of the Annual General Assembly of the Danish Business Club in Moscow

Annual General Assembly -

March 15
6 p.m. at the Royal Danish Embassy
Annual General Assembly 2016

Dear members,

Dear members, it is time for our Annual General Assembly and we would like to invite you to join us at the Royal Danish Embassy on March 15 at 6 p.m. We hope to see as many of you as possible in order to present and obtain approval of the audited report and accounts as well as other relevant business. See agenda below.

Meeting: Annual General Assembly 

Breaks: Finger food and drinks will be served during breaks

When: Tuesday March 15 at 6 p.m.

Where: Royal Danish Embassy, 9 Prechistensky pereulok, Moscow

After: Rounding up and closing drink (nearby location to be announced)

Registration: For registration of your participation - Click here!

The audited annual report & statement of accounts for the year 2015 can be found by clicking here, or by entering the "Members only" section after login on www.dbc.club. Here you will also find the DBC bylaws.

Please ensure that you have fully paid you membership in order to take part and be able to vote at the annual general assembly.

Below you will find an outline of the agenda and the proceedings for the evening.

p.s. A big thank you to the embassy for their continuous support in facilitating our event. 

p.s.s. Please remember to bring you passport for access to the embassy.

Best regards

Board of DBC Moscow

Announcement: Recommended amendment to DBC By-Laws

In our continuous efforts in improving and maintaining compliance, we have ensured the club activities are in compliance with the perpetual amendments to Russian legislation. At the upcoming Annual General Assembly, we are thus also recommending a minor amendment to our By-Laws, in order to ensure our Bylaws reflect the same compliance as our operations already fulfil. 

In section 2 of the by-aws, at the second bullet point, we recommend to replace the word "political" with "business".

Excerpt from current bylaws:


The purpose of DBC shall be: 

  • to facilitate business networking and opportunities for Danish businesses and business people working for Danish companies with an interest in the Russian market; 
  • to promote discussion of economic, political and social issues in Russia among the members;

During the Annual General Assembly we will seek your approval for this recommended amendment, which will require two-thirds majority vote of the total members in attendance at the General Assembly with a fully paid membership.

Your involvement in DBC is strongly needed!

During the Annual General Assembly (hereafter AGA) we will highlight some of the challenges and opportunities DBC is facing, as well as present our recommendations to an amended operating model of DBC. 

Your participation at the upcoming AGA is therefore essential in order to influence the future of DBC. The recommended operating model is also requires a bigger number of members engaged and involved in the operations. The Board therefore strongly urge you, to first of all be present at the AGA and secondly, seriously consider volunteering for future roles within the DBC.

Please contact our Chairman of the Board for further elaboration.

Board members and Auditor:

Board Member openings:
3 current board members are ending their 2-year term and 
4 members are continuing on their second year. Of the 3 board members ending their term, two have announced they are not continuing as board members while one has announced willingness for re-election.

The known board candidates are as follows:

  • Ulrik Andersen (KPMG - Audit) - Current Treasurer of DBC (up for re-election)
  • Henrik Dueholm, Engineering Production Manager, Haldor Topsoe
  • Alex Jensen, Construction Manager, Ghelamco LLC
Continuing board members on 2nd of two year term: 
  • Helena Bollesen (Independent Consultant /Author)
  • Henrik Bendix Dahl (Novo Nordisk) 
  • Kasper Ditlevsen (KPMG - Advisory) - Current Chairman of DBC
  • Kristian Lyhne (International Consultants) 
Discontinuing board members: 
  • Ann Charlotte Norin (Vitus Bering Management) - Current Vice-Chairman of DBC 
  • Mogens Laursen (LEGO) - Current Board Member and moderator
In accordance with the bylaws, the DBC Board can consist of 5-7 members and thus there will be no need for election, but approval from the general assembly.

The General Assembly appoints an Auditor and an alternate Auditor. Currently the club is having one of the two:

  • Jørgen Bollesen (EKF) - Current Auditor of DBC - Discontinuing 
  • Sven Møller - Alternate Auditor of DBC.

DBC Auditor is currently a vacant opening and no applications was received. 

Auditor, Agenda & Procedures:


  1. Welcome 
  2. Election of moderator
  3. The Board's report on DBC's activities in the past year.
  4. Presentation for adoption of the annual report and accounts, as well as the budget for the current financial year and adoption hereof.
  5. Decision on amendments to bylaws
  6. DBC Operating Model recommendations
  7. Board members and alternate Board members - ending terms and candidates. 
  8. Decision on Auditors. 
  9. Membership fee for the following calendar year.
  10. Any other business.
  11. Rounding up and closing drink (location to be announced shortly)


Please note that traditionally candidates have announced their interest for election to the board during the general assembly. Bylaws and fairness to members who would need time for consideration however requires two weeks notice to consider candidacy. Therefore please respect the deadline of March 1.

Announcing your interest should be done by email to our club secretary at secretary@dbc.club and this will allow us to present candidates to members prior to the general assembly. The announcement should contain your full name, company name, position as well as motivation for joining the DBC Board or audit role.

If you are interested an would like to know more about the nature of work put into the club and the roles, please do not hesitate to contact our Chairman for clarification: 

 Kasper Ditlevsen, +7 915 243 5119

Any other Business:

Other topics for discussion!
If you have other topics that you would like to discuss during the annual general assembly, please direct this with a short description to our club Secretary, secretary@dbc.club, on March 1 at the latest.
How to get there
Click the map to see on Google Maps!
Royal Danish Embassy, 9 Prechistensky Pereulok, Moscow.

Thanks to our sponsors:

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Get your own free electronic version of the popular book from Luc Jones: Why Russian's don't smile (2nd edition).

Managing stakeholders back at the Danish headquarter can be a challenge,   this book can help explaining some of the differences in cultures. 

Click the picture for opening the book as pdf file!

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