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DBC News November 2017



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The Chairman's Corner

Dear members,

It has already been a long time since the last newsletter. Many things all joyful have happened in DBC. Perhaps this is the reason for time (summer) passing by so swiftly.

In spite of the silence in respect to newsletters the club has been anything but silent in respect to activities. We have in 2017 so far been involved in 25 arrangements, some small, some big, some driven by DBC, some just supported. With a good combination of cultural, festive and business activities I allow us to say that we have been successful in driving our primary ambition, hence providing opportunities for you to meet in different contexts. Christmas dinner is coming up as a very traditional and festive sign of the year coming to an ending. Early next year we will arrange a “Nytårs Kur” in collaboration with the embassy and later in January a team building arrangement is planned for.

Living outside Denmark:

I can only ask you to support Danes worldwide’s focus on the conditions for Danes returning to Denmark after years of work abroad. I’m not able to understand the unwelcoming attitude shown to Danes deciding to bring their love ones back to where we have our roots. Denmark as a nation is doing well in the world not at least to our ability to trade with the world around us. Most members of DBC and other business clubs around the world represent the local personification of the Danish foreign trade. They are in general appreciated for their work but at the same time they observe restricted in their opportunities to return to Denmark.

From the board:

We are highly depending on our sponsors and partners. We are very grateful for the positive attitude we see from these key stakeholders of the club, which are always ready to support us. We on our part will do our best to return the gesture and have placed the main responsibility for this with Niels Juhl. Niels has already done a great job in sharpening our offerings to our sponsors and will continue to improve the sponsor packages. On this note I like to mention that Scan Global Logistic has last month chosen to buy a sponsorship package which have allowed to offer you live music for the upcoming Christmas dinner.

Next Newsletter will be issued after the Annual General Assembly and we will hereafter only issue it bi-annually.

Best Regards

Henrik Dueholm

LinkedIn / Facebook

Danish Business Club in Moscow on LinkedIn

Please note that access to LinkedIn in Russia has been restricted. 

DBC's LinkedIn group will until further notice not be updated. 

We will return with information though this newsletter when the group has been reactivated

We have opened a DBC Facebook group, which you are encouraged to join. This group will be used for posting pictures from our events.

Selected upcoming events

Team building:

A cooking class will be arranged for the the later part of January 

Company visit: 

Together with Christian Riegels Hjort we are are preparing for a vist at Berendsens facities during the month of February.


Warm thanks to our sponsors!



Partner News
Past Events
From the Embassy

Krasnoyarsk Book and Cultural fair 2017

The Cultural Department has had some really great days arranging Danish participation in the Krasnoyarsk Book and Cultural fair 2017. We had Danish authors, musicians, scientists and designers representing Denmark through their incredible creations, lectures and workshops. The next weeks will prepare for the Non Fiction Book Fair in Moscow between 30/11-03/12. The Danish playwright Caroline Cecilie Malling will represent Denmark and will also attend a drama reading in Nijni Novgorod.

New contacts at the embassy

Thomas Mortensen: 

Head of the Danish Trade Council,at the Danish Embassy in Moscow. 

Thomas brings more than 15 years of international experience in management and business development.

Thomas has a MSc in International Business and a Graduate Diploma in organization and management from Copenhagen Business School.

Esben Juul Bergmann Schjødt:

Minister Counselor and Head of the Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Department at the Danish Embassy in Moscow.

Esben brings experience export financing Danske Bank and EKF.

Esben has a MSc in Political Science from Aarhus University and a MA in Russian and East European Studies from University College London.


Igor Yurgens  

Russia-2017: Stagnation on Unsettled Ground

On November 1, 2017, Prof. Igor Yurgens, Chairman of the Management Board of the Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR), made a very interesting presentation and speech with the title: 'Russia-2017: Stagnation on Unsettled Ground".

Mr. Yurgens listed the main challenges for the acting model of Russian economy to be: Demographic change, low productivity, technological backwardness, poor quality of public administration and lack of investments. There are no easy answers and the main dilemma for the Russian leadership 2017 can be boiled down to: Peace for growth and growth for stability? or Tension for mobilization and mobilization to bankruptcy?

At the end Mr. Yurgens stressed he is an optimist and think Russia and its leadership will find a positive answer to the dilemma.

The presentation was followed by a very active Questions and Answering session.

Midsummer party

The 24th of June 81 joyful DBC members and friends gather at the lovely Apple Garden for a great afternoon and evening of Danish Hygge. The weather was for once good, which allowed for an “out of the scale” super children entertainment in the spirt from Alice in Wonderland. Food was as always, excellent, plentiful and tasteful supported by Arla foods and Moscow Brewery.

The DBC board would like thank the main sponsor, Novo Nordisk, for its generous support.

After the party the DBC has received an array of positive suggestions which will be implemented next year.

Welcome back boat trip

The 9th of September 70 high spirited DBC members and friends once again boarded the MS Palma de Sochi for the popular welcome back boat trip. Yes, we were actually overbooked for the arrangement, but the more the merrier. The 870-year anniversary of the city of Moscow was held the same day so needless to say the weather was very accommodating. The boat trip was a huge success with very nice food, service and in the end fireworks. After the trip a great deal of DBC friends and members continued the good atmosphere in Moscow’s nightlife.

The DBC board would like to thank the main sponsor of the event, DelaCour, for their generous support. Without their continuous support and a nice load of beers from Moscow brewery maintaining the quality level of our main event would not be possible.



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DBC News - Club News / Partner News / Members / Events

DBC News April 2017




Club News / Partner News / Members / Events


The Chairman's Corner

Dear members,

Spring is here and the year has stared on a good note allowing for an optimistic forecast for business. We in DBC have had the pleasure to hosting quite some arrangements for you already in 2017 and more are to come. Please see further down in this newsletter.

I’m addressing you here for the first time on own and the new boards behalf. After the AGA more than half of the Board was renewed and we now have to find our balance and personal touch on leading the DBC. We have taken over very successful club with a strong economy and good traditions for which we are grateful. Thank you Kasper, Helena and Kristian for a great job done. We will do our outmost to follow the line of the work of the club and will secure a continuity in the club’s activities. The new Board has with great pleasure learned of interest from the former board members to support our work moving forward. The offers are highly appreciated and please allow me to invite all our members to get involved in our activities. And now a request for you dear members, in case you have appreciated the high number and diversity of activities in the club lately, please come forward with ideas for new activities for us to engage in. 

The new board is presented here and the updated bi-laws can be read here.

Minutes of the AGA: Minutes of the Annual General Assembly of DBC, 22.3.17.pdf

Annual Report 2016: Annual Report for 2016.pdf

When I came to live in Moscow two years ago I was fascinated with the openness of people in the Danish expat environment, and I still am. I took a learning from this. A learning of being open and not to traditional Danish in my approach to new people. A strong reminder for me was the observation that people which you have just learned to know and appreciate, could be leaving Moscow for new assignment within the blink of an eye. Writing this I’m thinking of Topsoe’s MD Jens Perregaard who is now in the process to moving his family to Munich and Claus Hansen and his family who is on their way to Dubai. Many have already moved out in the short period of time I have been here. On the good side, many new faces have joined us and we remain to be a strong and united community in Moscow. Let’s appreciate and enjoy each other in the time that we have together and please allow DBC be one tool among others to make this possible.

Best Regards

Henrik Dueholm



Danish Business Club in Moscow on LinkedIn

Please note that access to LinkedIn in Russia has been restricted. 

DBC's LinkedIn group will until further notice not be updated. 

We will return with information though this newsletter when the group has been reactivated.

Selected upcoming events

An Evening with debates and perspectives: 

We are planning for an evening with Flemming Rose and Simon Kruse on May 31 at the Embassy.

Full list of participant is not finalised at this moment though.                                                  

Warm thanks to our sponsors!



Partner News
Past Events


From Embassy:

Fruitful Meetings with one of Russia’s Biggest Pork Producers

Last December, the Trade Council Russia headed a delegation of Danish companies working within the agricultural sector to the city of Tambov for meetings with managers of several departments of the Russia’s largest quoted agribusiness group Rusagro. The company’s operations are diversified and stretch from sugar refining to oil-and-fats production to pork farming to plant growing. The aim of this trip was to familiarize Rusagro with latest Danish technologies and innovations. Danish companies made presentations for Rusagro’s senior management and technical specialists and discussed with them opportunities for cooperation. The event was acknowledged as useful and successful by both the Danish side and the Russian side and laid solid ground for subsequent follow up and commercial contacts.

Targeted City Visits – Danish Energy Efficiency

The Green Capacity Club, an initiative by the Trade Council Russia, which in a flexible way supports Danish companies in developing their presence in Russia – and in the majority of the EEU & CIS countries. The Green Capacity Club has been re-launched in 2017 in order to adapt to the changes in the business in environment, and meet the needs of the current and future members. The 21st and 22nd of March, will the Green Capacity Club visit Petrozavodsk, as the first of a number of cities. Here can Danish companies meet with relevant business, organizations, and local authorities to discuss mutual opportunities, future projects, and marked expansion.


Danish Days in Rostov Oblast and Krasnodar Krai, 3rd to 5th of April

Get the opportunity to speak with the right people and to meet potential business partners and customers in Russia’s Southern regions. This Business Delegation trip, led by the Danish Ambassador Thomas Winkler, will take you to Rostov Oblast and Krasnodar Krai, and will respectively focus on the sectors of Agriculture, Energy and Environment, and Healthcare. Unique for the nature and climate of these Southern regions, condition favourable development of the agricultural, transport and tourism sectors, along with industrial and energy complexes, which fits perfectly into the social-economic development priorities of the Russian Federation and determines the status of Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar in the Russian economy. Obtain access to decision makers in the two regions, and connect with businesses within your sector.



From DBC:

Annual General Assembly March 22

With kind assistance for the Danish Embassy who hosted the meeting the AGA was one again conducted successfully. Please refer to the MOM from the AGA under “Chairman’s corner”.

Russian Economy March 15

Mr. Mikhail Matovnikov, Senior Managing Director - Chief Analyst, Sberbank, made his presentation 'Russia's macro - 2017: Not recovery, but transformation', to the DBC members.
Apart from analyzing the Russian macroeconomics, Mr. Matovnikov gave some interesting statistics and information on the economic and industrial sectors. The fact that the economic crisis this time was more than one year has forced many Russian companies within different sectors to look for new markets in order to survive. In practice it often means exporting. Mr. Matovnikov gave several examples of companies and sectors who has started exporting within a very short time. He believes this might turn out to be an irreversible trend, because many Russian companies suddenly understand their market is not only 145 million people but several hundred million or more.
There were many questions and a good discussion.

Bunker 42 March 11  

12 brave members of Danish Business Club visit to the historical site “Bunker-42 on Taganka” 65m underground in the heart of Moscow center. The underground complex was part of Soviet Union’s nuclear defense in the event of nuclear war.

An Evening with Topsoe on March 3

Topsoe had the pleasure to invite for an evening at the Danish Embassy to celebrate and witness the presentation of His Royal Highness Prince Henrik´s Medal of Honour to Mr. Jens Perregaard, Haldor Topsoe.
The evening gave an opportunity to learn about B2B digital marketing presented by Mr. Adam Feldt, and for DBC members and Topsoe employee to meet and mingle.

Fine dining at Restaurant Farenheit February 11  

20 excited guests joined DBC for an evening with an 8 course dinner created by Mads Refslund at Restaurant Farenheit







 Christmas dinner December 9 

83 DBC members and friends gather at the Danish Ambassador’s, Thomas Winkler, residency for a great night of Danish Hygge among friends, Christmas carol singing and excellent food. Once again the event was a huge success with an impressive turnout and joyful atmosphere. After the evening was over a great deal of DBC friends and members continued the night in high spirits in Moscow’s nightlife. The DBC board would like express its sincere gratitude towards Thomas Winkler for hosting the event and to our sponsors for making it happen

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Notification of the Annual General Assembly of the Danish Business Club in Moscow 2017

Annual General Assembly

Wednesday March 22nd
6.30 p.m. at the Royal Danish Embassy
Register here!

Dear members,

Dear members, as announced earlier, it is time for our Annual General Assembly and we would like to remind you to register and join us at the Royal Danish Embassy on Wednesday March 22 at 6.30 p.m. 

We hope to see as many of you as possible in order to present and obtain approval of the audited report and accounts as well as other relevant business. 

   For participation, please register by clicking here!  

See agenda below.

Meeting: Annual General Assembly 

Breaks: Finger food and drinks will be served during breaks

When: Wednesday March 22 at 6.30 p.m.

Where: Royal Danish Embassy, 9 Prechistensky pereulok, Moscow

After: Rounding up and closing drink (nearby location to be announced)

The audited annual report & statement of accounts for the year 2016 can be found by clicking here, or by entering the "Members only" section after login on www.dbc.club. Here you will also find the DBC bylaws.

Please ensure that you have fully paid you membership in order to take part and be able to vote at the annual general assembly.

Below you will find an outline of the agenda and the proceedings for the evening.

P.S.: A big thank you to the embassy for their continuous support in facilitating our events. 

P.S.S.: Please remember to bring you passport for access to the embassy.

Best regards

Board of DBC Moscow

You are needed in the work with DBC!

During the Annual General Assembly (hereafter AGA) we will highlight some of the challenges and opportunities DBC is facing. Volunteers are in strong demand, in particular for support in our events and other activities.

Your participation at the upcoming AGA is therefore essential in order to influence the future of DBC. 

The Board therefore strongly urge you, to first of all be present at the AGA and secondly, seriously consider volunteering for future roles within the DBC.

Please contact our Vice-Chairman of the Board for further elaboration.

Announcement: Recommended amendment to DBC By-Laws

In our continuous efforts in improving and maintaining compliance, we have ensured the club activities are in compliance with the perpetual amendments to Russian legislation. At the upcoming Annual General Assembly, we are thus also recommending a minor amendment to our By-Laws, in order to ensure our Bylaws reflect the same compliance as our operations already fulfil. 

Comments to changes in bi-laws, are in general made to get rid off of ambiguous wording and sentences. The underlining governance remains unchanged. 

Paragraph numbering corrected by changing 


Section 2 bullet 3; 

Name of AEB corrected Section 3 Membership requirements changed to underline the Danish core of the club. 

Clarifying wording for companies to obtain membership as Associated Member Clarifying wording for meaning of Honorary membership 

Section 3.1 

Clarifying the timing of start of membership and hereby making the wording aligned with the wording of section 3.2 

Section 3.2 

Clarification of procedure for deciding membership fees, now clearly specifying the authority of the AGA in this respect. 

Section 3.4 

General clarifications, simplifications and minor typos 

Section 12 

A typo corrected under bullet six


See full version of document with suggested amendments here!

During the Annual General Assembly we will seek your approval for this recommended amendment, which will require two-thirds majority vote of the total members in attendance at the General Assembly with a fully paid membership.


Board members and Auditor:

Board Member openings:
3 current board members are ending their 4th year on 2nd term, 1 member is continuing on his 2nd year on 2nd terms and 
3 members are continuing on their second year of the first term. 

Continuing Board Members:

  • Ulrik Andersen (KPMG - Audit) - Current Treasurer of DBC 
  • Henrik Dueholm, Engineering Production Manager, Haldor Topsoe - Current Vice-Chairman of DBC
  • Alex Jensen, Construction Manager, Ghelamco LLC - Current Board Member
  • Aage V. Nielsen, Vitus Bering Management Ltd. - Current Board Member
Discontinuing Board Members ending their 4th year in 2nd term: 
  • Helena Bollesen (Independent Consultant /Author) - Current Board Member
  • Kasper Ditlevsen (Symphony EYC - VP Europe) - Current Chairman of DBC
  • Kristian Lyhne (International Consultants) - Current Board Member
Known candidates already applied for board membership: 
  • Claus Hansen, Director, Novo Nordisk 
  • René André Enemark, Business Development Manager, IKEA 
  • Niels Westerby Juhl, General Manager, l'Oreal
The combination of 4 continuing board members and 3 candidates, potentially gives 7 board members. In accordance with the bylaws, the DBC Board can consist of 5-7 members and thus there will be no need for election, subject to approval from the general assembly.

The General Assembly appoints an Auditor and an alternate Auditor. Currently the club is having one of the two:

  • Christian Riegels Hjort (Berendsen - General Director) - Current Auditor of DBC - Discontinuing 
  • Alternate Auditor of DBC - Vacant.

DBC Alternate Auditor is currently a vacant opening and no applications was received. 

Auditor, Agenda & Procedures:


  1. Welcome 
  2. Election of moderator
  3. The Board's report on DBC's activities in the past year.
  4. Presentation for adoption of the annual report and accounts, as well as the budget for the current financial year and adoption hereof.
  5. Decision on amendments to bylaws
  6. Board members and alternate Board members - ending terms and candidates. 
  7. Decision on Auditors. 
  8. Membership fee for the following calendar year.
  9. Any other business.
  10. Rounding up and closing drink (location to be announced shortly)


Please note that traditionally candidates have announced their interest for election to the board during the general assembly. Bylaws and fairness to members who would need time for consideration however requires two weeks notice to consider candidacy. Therefore please respect the deadline of March 1.

Announcing your interest should be done by email to our club secretary at secretary@dbc.club and this will allow us to present candidates to members prior to the general assembly. The announcement should contain your full name, company name, position as well as motivation for joining the DBC Board or audit role.

If you are interested an would like to know more about the nature of work put into the club and the roles, please do not hesitate to contact our Chairman for clarification: 

Kasper Ditlevsen, 

email: chairman@dbc.club or 
phone: +7 915 243 5119

Any other Business:

Other topics for discussion!
If you have other topics that you would like to discuss during the annual general assembly, please direct this with a short description to our club Secretary, secretary@dbc.club, on March 7th at the latest.
How to get there
Click the map to see on Google Maps!
Royal Danish Embassy, 9 Prechistensky Pereulok, Moscow.

Thanks to our sponsors:

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