Annual General Assembly of DBC 2017

  • 22 Mar 2017
  • 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Royal Danish Embassy, 9 Prechistensky Pereulok
  • 32


  • DBC's Annual General Assembly hosted at the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow on the 22nd of March at 6.30pm.

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Annual General Assembly

Wednesday March 22nd
6.30 p.m. at the Royal Danish Embassy
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Dear members,

Dear members, as announced earlier, it is time for our Annual General Assembly and we would like to remind you to register and join us at the Royal Danish Embassy on Wednesday March 22 at 6.30 p.m. 

We hope to see as many of you as possible in order to present and obtain approval of the audited report and accounts as well as other relevant business. 

   For participation, please register by clicking here!  

See agenda below.

Meeting: Annual General Assembly 

Breaks: Finger food and drinks will be served during breaks

When: Wednesday March 22 at 6.30 p.m.

Where: Royal Danish Embassy, 9 Prechistensky pereulok, Moscow

After: Rounding up and closing drink (nearby location to be announced)

The audited annual report & statement of accounts for the year 
2016 can be found by clicking here, or by entering the "Members only" section after login on Here you will also find the DBC bylaws.

Please ensure that you have fully paid you membership in order to take part and be able to vote at the annual general assembly.

Below you will find an outline of the agenda and the proceedings for the evening.

P.S.: A big thank you to the embassy for their continuous support in facilitating our events. 

P.S.S.: Please remember to bring you passport for access to the embassy.

Best regards

Board of DBC Moscow

You are needed in the work with DBC!

During the Annual General Assembly (hereafter AGA) we will highlight some of the challenges and opportunities DBC is facing. Volunteers are in strong demand, in particular for support in our events and other activities.

Your participation at the upcoming AGA is therefore essential in order to influence the future of DBC. 

The Board therefore strongly urge you, to first of all be present at the AGA and secondly, seriously consider volunteering for future roles within the DBC.

Please contact our Vice-Chairman of the Board for further elaboration.

Announcement: Recommended amendment to DBC By-Laws

In our continuous efforts in improving and maintaining compliance, we have ensured the club activities are in compliance with the perpetual amendments to Russian legislation. At the upcoming Annual General Assembly, we are thus also recommending a minor amendment to our By-Laws, in order to ensure our Bylaws reflect the same compliance as our operations already fulfil. 

Comments to changes in bi-laws, are in general made to get rid off of ambiguous wording and sentences. The underlining governance remains unchanged. 

Paragraph numbering corrected by changing 


Section 2 bullet 3:

Name of AEB corrected Section 3 Membership requirements changed to underline the Danish core of the club. 

Clarifying wording for companies to obtain membership as Associated Member Clarifying wording for meaning of Honorary membership 

Section 3.1 

Clarifying the timing of start of membership and hereby making the wording aligned with the wording of section 3.2 

Section 3.2 

Clarification of procedure for deciding membership fees, now clearly specifying the authority of the AGA in this respect. 

Section 3.4 

General clarifications, simplifications and minor typos 

Section 12 

A typo corrected under bullet six

See full version of document with suggested amendments here!

During the Annual General Assembly we will seek your approval for this recommended amendment, which will require two-thirds majority vote of the total members in attendance at the General Assembly with a fully paid membership.

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