"Spies & Glistrup: Sex, Drugs and Taxation" by Christoffer Boe

  • 27 Oct 2013
  • 7:00 PM
  • Gogol Center

The Cultural section of the Royal Danish Embassy recommends


Don’t miss the chance to spend a Sunday evening enjoying the premiere screening of the brand-new, off-beat Danish blockbuster “Spies & Glistrup: Sex, Drugs and Taxation” by Christoffer Boe at "35mm" this Sunday October 27, at 7 p.m.

Glistrup, founder of the Progress Party, was a controversial politician who waged an unrelenting war against taxation, while business tycoon Spies was living it up with lavish parties and plenty of easy women. They were both well-known eccentrics and provocateurs in their days, but their lifelong friendship is an untold story – until now.


Through a mixture of real and surreal events spanning from 1964 to 1984, Christoffer Boe tells the story of a strange and close friendship which lasted through years of hardship and controversy.

The movie presents the last showing of the West Wind European film promotion project in Moscow / http://www.rbcdaily.ru/lifestyle/562949989310805

The ticket price is 300 rub.

Here is a link to the festival program, where you can also find the movie trailer and make a ticket reservation: http://www.coolconnections.ru/en/films/festival/187/city/1

And here is a link to “the making of Spies & Glistrup”: http://www.dr.dk/tv/se/bag-om-spies-glistrup/bag-om-spies-glistrup#!

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