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Saturday 22.06.013 – SIGN UP FOR MIDSUMMER 2013!!

Many members of the Danish Business Club remember the Midsummer Parties held in the old Embassy-Dacha. The nice atmosphere in the stunning garden. Groups of happy people enjoying good food, cold drinks, while the children were having fun and playing games. The bonfire. The tradition of singing Danish Midsummer hymns.

The Board of DBC has decided that the above mentioned scenario will be realized this year, exactly on 22nd of June. The only minor detail is that the venue will not be the same, but to our mind, even better. The venue is 15 minutes’ walk from Metro, there are plenty of secure space for children to run around, there is a big garden with a small, charming pond and beautiful apple trees all over. Furthermore, we this year will have the chance, to stand and sing our hymns (with some professional help) around a real bonfire containing luckily, an unreal witch.  We will do everything to bring back good memories, and among others, this “year special” will be the mouthwatering Danish Potato Salad!

If you wish to keep this good Danish tradition running and you wish to share this with your family, friends and colleagues, then please go to our website and sign up for DBC Midsummer Party 2013. Register by name via this link before 20.06.2013!

Whether you decide to go by car or public transport, we have worked out a route description that can be found at this link.


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The DBC Board


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