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The Chairman's Corner

Dear Members,

With the Annual General Assembly well behind us it time to look ahead for the activities of the club in the next term. Before entering into this, I would like to express my thanks to all of you on behalf of the board for the trust that you slowed us by having the AGA conducted with consensus and full support to the initiatives of the board. The MOM from the AGA can be found here.

As stated during the AGA we have an operational and active club to support our common interests for having a forum for meetings focusing on economic and cultural issues. At the same time, we provide opportunities to meet in informal surroundings in smaller or lager groups depending on our interests.

Overall, we will plan for a combination of future activities in line with the previous year. New initiatives like the New Year Reception and a team building event are likely to be repeated as they both generated new perspectives and stronger ties between club members.

With the world championship coming up and the next to impossible mission to get into the stadiums in large joined groups, we plan to invite you for the opportunity to watch games of specific interest on TV screens at a location TBA.

With Danske Bank as a new and active sponsor for the club we are already planning for more focus on economic briefings and presentations in the autumn.

In addition, we are planning for an evening in October with focus on Danish rooted companies with interest in agriculture marked of Russia.

With the best wishes for a prosperous and joyful summer,

Henrik Dueholm


LinkedIn and Facebook

 Danish Business Club in Moscow on LinkedIn

Please note that access to LinkedIn in Russia has been restricted. 

DBC's LinkedIn group will until further notice not be updated. 

We will return with information though this newsletter when the group has been reactivated

We have opened a DBC Facebook group, which you are encouraged to join. This group will be used for posting pictures from our events.

Selected upcoming events (More details here)

Russia Economy w. Anton Stroutchenevski Wednesday April 25

Company visit Danfoss May 17

Midsummer party June 23

Football Denmark vs France June 26

Welcome back boat trip September 22

Warm thanks to our sponsors!


Partner News
Past Events
TC Russia: Upcoming spring events

This spring is expected to be blooming in various business activities, saturated in terms of content, that the Trade Council Russia has prepared for Danish companies in a range of sectors. Among the brightest ones are: the Agricultural Business Delegation to Voronezh in May to meet most promising Russian companies in the dairy and pork sectors and to hold high-level talks with the Governor of the region. Also in May, Healthcare together with the Energy sector headed by the Ambassador will explore new business opportunities in Central Asia while visiting Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Business Delegation to Voronezh

From 14th to 16th May 2018 Agricultural sector of TC Russia headed by the Ambassador together with Danish companies will visit Voronezh to explore business opportunities in the Voronezh region. The delegation aims at promoting Danish agricultural business, establishing and strengthening Russian-Danish relationships at the governmental and business levels via meeting with local authorities and visiting production sites of most promising Russian agricultural companies in the dairy and pork sectors. The reception hosted by the Ambassador will be the final point of the Delegation and ensure informal international networking.

TC Russia is heading to Central Asia

Business Delegation headed by the Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan includes Healthcare, Energy and Water sectors and will take place in the end of May (from May 20 to 25). The program of the trip includes a whole range of events, starting from b2b meetings with potential partners, official reception hosted by the Ambassador, to holding talks with local authorities. All the activities are planned in order to gain deeper insight into the market opportunities within the sectors and to make the most of it in terms of future mutually beneficial cooperation.




     A few selected memories from part events
  • Christmas dinner
  • Company visit to Berendsen
  • Master cooking class
  • AGA 2018

can be seen here

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