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New services – Russia and other CIS countries



New services – Russia and other CIS countries.

Dan Cargo expands with a new CIS - division. The new division is managed by Director, Development CIS, Mr. Niels Autzen, who has more than 15 years experience in Transport to and from Russia and other CIS countries. The day to day business will be headed by Mr. Thomas L. Andersen who also has many years experience on the market.

The CIS division offers a wide range of services, focused on ''just in time solutions'' guaranteed departures and guaranteed transit time from all West European countries to and from Russia and other CIS countries. The new services are especially designed to fulfill the demand on quality transports of industrial products, as well as project transports.

The CIS division offers groupage / part load services via Scandinavian HUBs, Full truck Loads services, Cross trade solutions and all aspects in documentation and consulting in the CIS trade.

For further information please contact Niels Autzen nau@(if you can see this please update your browser) 




GRUNDFOS invests €30 million to expand its Russian Manufacturing



GRUNDFOS, the world leading pump manufacturer, has invested €30 million in the expansion of its Russian business.

As far back as 2005, GRUNDFOS invested nearly €15 million in the construction of the first phase of its “Grundfos Istra” plant, located in the Istra district, the Moscow region. The assembly and production of pumps for industrial and individual needs are carried out at the production line. Pump control cabinets are also assembled at the plant. The area of the first production building is 14,000 sq. m.

In 2008, it was decided to expand GMR, Grundfos Manufacturing Russia, and the construction of the second phase of the plant got started. During the second phase over € 30 million was invested in the construction of a 14 thousand sq.m warehouse and a 5 thousand sq.m. administrative building.

“The expansion of the Russian plant will allow us to increase the stockpiles of our products in the Russian warehouse and we will be able to meet customers’ needs faster,” Galina Biryukova, GRUNDFOS Istra General Manager, said: “The company also plans to expand the range of the equipment produced in Russia."

In September 2010, the construction of the warehouse (the first stage within the second phase) was completed. The area of the warehouse is almost 14 thousand sq.m. The reconstruction of the administrative building will be finished shortly. The building is meant for the plant administration and about 200 employees of GRUNDFOS Moscow. The training center “Grundfos Academy" will be located in hte building as well.

The construction within the second phase is expected to be accomplished in February 2011. For the next five years the company plans to continue the expansion of the GRUNDFOS Istra Manufacturing and start developing the third phase.

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